Lung ultrasonography (LUS) plays more and more important role in emergency medicine and intensive care, allowing to quickly differentiate and assess the severity of several lung pathologies, including COVID-19.

Although air present in the lungs does not allow good penetration of ultrasound waves, interpretation of specific artifacts created on the lung surface can be used to detect abnormalities. It is well explained in many internet manuals and US machines are available but practical skills are not widely spread in the medical community.

This LUS web-based simulator is designed for beginners who want to learn how to scan the virtual patients, interpret basic images at selected locations and guess probable diagnoses in different clinical scenarios.


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Windows and Linux only
OSX and mobile in development

Szostek, K.; Lasek, J.; Piórkowski, A. Real-Time Simulation of Wave Phenomena in Lung Ultrasound Imaging. Appl. Sci. 2023, 13, 9805.

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